348,00 TTC

CE KIT de 2 micros pour FIrebird offre un son proche de gros simple-bobinages .

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Ce KIT de 2 micros pour Firebird offre un son proche d’un gros simple-bobinage .

Par rapport à un mini humbucker , il y a plus de brillance , de definition , et de claquant .

Pour les anglophiles/anglophones :

Not to be confused with a Minibucker with no poles, our Firebird® humbucker has a unique design and a sound closer to a fat single coil than a full-size humbucker. Compared with a Minibucker, it features a brighter overall sound and a bass response that remains tight and defined noticeably longer. It also gives you less snarl and more spank. Made with Alnico 5 blade (pole piece) magnets. Single conductor braided shield lead wire and 4 conductor lead wire is available.

DC: Neck 6.1K,  Bridge 7.4K